Kangna Ranaut to learn ballet sword fighting horse riding for Rangoon


The Vishal Bhardwaj directorial Rangoon has garnered attention since its inception, courtesy, its unique cast. This Sajid Nadiadwala production, which will bring together Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor along with Kangna Ranaut, will have the actress playing the role of a Broadway persona.

Elaborating on her role, a source says, “Kangna plays Julia, a Broadway star in the film. Being someone who focuses on one film at a time, she invests significant amount of time on her prep as well.” Considering the fact that Kangna Ranaut will have to don different characters as a Broadway celeb, the actress will undergo almost three months of training in dance as well as action. The source adds, “She spent a few weeks in NYC working as part of a Broadway production and now she is training herself in modern dance forms and ballet. She has connected and flown down a trainer from the US who specializes in the dance styles she needs to learn for her character Julia.”

To play her character with conviction, Kangna Ranaut will also learn sword fighting and horse riding. The source further says, “For few crucial scenes, Kangna is required to do sword fighting and horse riding in the film. For the same, she will be training with martial arts masters of sword fighting from an Ashram in Kerala and will learn horse riding from a trainer in Jaipur.”

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Kangna Ranaut to learn ballet sword fighting horse riding for Rangoon

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