Munni Metric Pass 2


Munni Metric Pass 2

Mayura Films’ Munni Metric Pass is a story about an effeminate young man who teaches dance to his students. The story revolves around the dance instructor Soheb (Ashish Sharma) who becomes effeminate over the time. His sister Munni (Ankita) hates when people tease Soheb for his girlish ways and behaviour. At the family’s behest, Soheb goes to the doctor, who assures him to be cured of his behavioural pattern.

When Soheb gets married to Sania (Nazia Shaikh), he confesses to her on the wedding night that he is unable to perform in bed. Needless to say that, Sania gets infuriated because of this. Post which, Soheb’s mother (Vaishali) takes Sania to a doctor, who assures her that Soheb’s performance in bed is only a matter of time.

After that, Sania and Soheb go to Goa for their holidays, wherein they consummate their marriage. Post their return, a pregnant Sania delivers a child, who is neither a female nor a male, as the child belongs to a third gender altogether!

What happens to Soheb and Sania after that is what forms the rest of the story.

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Munni Metric Pass 2

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