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‘Dilip Kumar cried like a child when Raj Kapoor
passed away’

Udaya Tara Nayar, a veteran journalist and writer, these days is busy with the release of autobiography on Dilip Kumar called ‘Substance And The Shadow’ that is all set to be launched on June 9, 2014 by Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. Narrated by the thespian the book has been documented by Udaya Tara Nayar, who is a close friend of Dilip Sahab, who knows her for over two decades.

In an exclusive interview with Glamsham, Udaya Tara Nayar talks about the autobiography and why it is special.


A lot has been written and re-written about Dilip Sahab so what makes this autobiography special?
The highpoint of the autobiography is that it is for the first time the thespian has spoken about his life from the day he was born to the present times. The story has not been told to anyone. This is the first time he is talking about his life, his mother, his father, his sisters and brothers, the people who influenced and changed his life.

What else is in store for the readers that will excite them?

The other attraction of the autobiography is the interesting graph of his life journey which moves from one place to another. He was born in Peshawar in undivided India. Then he moved to Deolali, when he was seven years old. Later he came to Mumbai and then from Mumbai to Pune and back to Mumbai and entered films. Thus, the autobiography has a story that has a captivating graph and that is the beauty of the book because the background changes with every chapter. It goes to Madras to Bhutan to London. Thus, the autobiography has a geographical graph too.

According to you which part is most exciting in the autobiography?
The most special part of the autobiography is the story how he married Saira Banu because there were many speculations and myths associated with their marriage. The book discloses the real truth.

‘Saira Banu is a real life Savitri’

Who proposed first, Dilip Sahab or Saira Banu ji? When did Saira ji first encountered Dilip Sahab?
The proposal first came from Dilip Kumar. During the making of RAM AUR SHYAM, Dilip Sahab proposed to Sairaji and when the movie was in the mid-way the two tied the nuptial knot.

Sairaji first saw Dilip Sahab at a party when she was quite young and had not entered films. She found Dilip Sahab as a very different person and secretly fell in love. Her love for Dilip Sahab is a mythological kind of sacred love. The kind of love story we heard in childhood about Savitri and Satyavan. I think Saira Banu is a real life Savitri.

What does the title ‘Substance And The Shadow’ signify?
The title has been given by Dilip Sahab. He told me that Yusuf Khan is substance and Dilip Kumar is his shadow because when we walk our shadow grows larger than our actual image. Similarly Dilip Kumar has become bigger than Yusuf Khan.

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